Cool High Tech Gadgets Used by Plumbers in Surrey

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The term “tech-savvy” is the latest addition to the pool of traits of a skilled plumber in Surrey. A plumber may need the help of state-of-the-art tools to aid him in fixing problems–from pipe leaks to more serious or pressing concerns. Often, old school methods just won’t cut it.

Electronic leak detectors

For the record, you can’t get started on fixing that leaky pipe without knowing where the leak is coming from. People who have tried DIY methods can attest that finding the source of the leak is no easier than looking for a strand of hay in a stack of needles. So, plumbers look to an innovative solution to aid them in spotting the leaks quickly.

Some plumbers in Surrey are equipped with leak detectors that use sound to locate the source of the leak. Like a doctor using his stethoscope, plumbers use leak detectors to listen for sounds of leakage, notably under the house. Modern leak detectors cancel outside noises such as traffic and sounds of conversation, making leak detection easier for the plumber.

Pipe inspection cameras

When the problem is in a spot in the pipe that’s hard to reach, plumbers in Surrey may have to dismantle the pipe to tackle the problem. However, they want to make sure that the problem is located in the correct area of the connected pipes. For such a task, they resort to the “snakes” of the plumbing industry—the portable push cameras.

This device has a camera head on one end of the wire, designed to get a clear shot of what is inside a pipe. The maximum reach for push cameras can go as far as around 100 meters and their flexibility allows them to navigate along the winding pipes. As the insides of pipes are dark, the camera head is equipped with LED lights to illuminate the vicinity.

Trenchless plumbing system

In the past, people would have to dig up underground pipes and plumbing fixtures if they want to replace their aging pipes. Not only will your front or back yard never look the same again, such a procedure is also costly in time, money, and energy. It’s a good thing there’s technology today that lets you retain the beauty of your yard.

Trenchless plumbing technology is an innovation widely used in the petroleum industry that has found added value in the plumbing sector. In plumbing, trenchless technology is used to line drains, restore pipes to operational status, and replace pipes. Trenchless plumbers Surrey neighborhoods can turn to will usually dig two access points at both ends of the pipe. Using various heads, the repair work travels along the damaged pipe instead of excavating the entire system.


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