Innovative Washrooms Surrey Plumbers Can Help You Get

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The world has never lacked in things that aim to make our lives more comfortable or, at least, in people looking for ways to do so. A good example of this is the advances in washroom technology. Yes, you heard that right, there are people totally preoccupied with making the time you spend in the washroom as enjoyable as possible. You can now talk to a Surrey plumber about installing these technological marvels in your home.

The Intelligent Toilet

As with most of the technologically-advanced things the rest of the world wishes they had thought about ahead of anyone else, the Intelligent Toilet hails from Japan. It basically looks like an ordinary toilet, except that while you’re doing your business, the system runs a sample of the collected waste through some tests. You receive an update on your blood sugar levels, weight, blood pressure, and body fat—and even health and dietary advice.

The Pet Potty Doggy Toilet

Tired of getting dragged outside by a pet needing to do his thing? You can say goodbye to that when you get the Potty Doggy toilet installed in your home. All you have to do is to teach your dog to relieve himself in the machine, and the waste will be washed off and drained directly to your sewage. Efficient, eh?

Automated Public Toilet

An episode of CSI:NY once highlighted the use of automated public toilets in New York City, as well as other cities in North America. These are basically robo-toilets. They clean and disinfect themselves after every use. Also, if ever you’re running away from a psychotic axe-toting murderer, you can hide in this public toilet and alert the police via a button inside. Imagine having Surrey plumbers install one in your home—you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for years.

The Indipod Car Toilet

Everyone who’s watched thriller movies about road trips–or actually been on one—know this: the rest stop is not your friend. It is festering with disease-causing bacteria; the walls are splattered with who-knows-what; and it is usually where movie drug dealers, extraterrestrials, and axe-toting murderers hang out. You can say goodbye to all this with the car toilet, which is a tent-like structure with a modern-looking bucket inside that you can set up in the backseat.

Ask any plumber Surrey residents trust about the future of toilets and they’d probably tell you something about teleporting the contents of your bladder into the toilet bowl without ever needing to get up. Alas, that still hasn’t happened. There’s still time, though, so let’s just wait for more advances in bathroom technology.


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