Some Tips on Maintaining New Westminster Plumbing

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In the midst of all the holiday merrymaking, the last thing on the mind of the homeowners is what goes down their pipes. Occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas may seem like perfect opportunities to prepare a tasty array of food. After these culinary feasts, though, is the time to face the sordid fact that the piles of dishes to be washed pose potential problems to your New Westminster plumbing.

While basting turkey and baking pies may seem appealing, the prospect of removing grease and debris off plates, pots, and other utensils, however, certainly is not. Drainage pipes could clog from the buildup of oils and debris from leftover food, which accumulate somewhere down the drain they forms a plug. This spells disaster in the form of clogged drains, or worse, leaks.

Plumbers advise against pouring cooking oils or liquid fats down the drain because they solidify and clog. Remember to wipe off the grease from dishes and pots, and never put stringy waste in your garbage disposer as it might not be able to grind such materials, thereby increasing the likelihood of a clogged sink.

For the garbage disposer to work effectively, don’t forget to switch it on prior to dropping in food debris. Further, your New Westminster plumber suggests running cold water down the drain for about 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposer to flush waste out to the main line. If you have a dishwasher, it is helpful to run it only when no one else in the house might be using hot water to take a shower or a bath.

If you’re experience trouble with your plumbing, especially during the holidays, you would want to contact your trusty plumber immediately. Depending on the need, he can do a quick repair job or fully restore your plumbing system so that cooking and other household chores can continue.

A trusted HVAC company like Milani offers a complete package of services for major brands. Reputable contractors can install, replace, repair, and maintain your entire plumbing system, and can help you minimize costly and recurring problems.

The kind of plumbing New Westminster homes have must undergo routine maintenance to keep it in top condition. Special jobs you might need are drain cleaning, leak detection, frozen pipe thawing, and water conditioning. No job is too big or too small for a competent plumbing professional; and hiring a reliable one will ensure that your plumbing system will last for years.


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