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Repair and Maintenance of Vancouver HVAC Components

Many buildings like apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings in places like Vancouver use centralized air-conditioning to regulate indoor temperature. Central air-conditioning often uses forced-air systems, which use ductwork to transfer heat through the entire building to make the occupants comfortable. Vancouver HVAC systems vary in their complexity, but the professionals at Milani Plumbing, Drainage & […]

Essential Burnaby Plumbing Services to Survive Cold Winters

Heating is a necessity for households, especially those in cold areas like Burnaby, British Columbia. Even though winters in the city are wet rather than snowy, temperatures can go from above cool to freezing at times. Homeowners should expect to keep turning up their heating systems to keep themselves away from the dangers of cold. […]

Plumbing Services Vancouver: What to Do in Case of Low Flow

You try running a shower and find the water doesn’t go beyond a mere trickle. So you turn a faucet on, and get more of the same thing. You sigh at the thought of how long it’s going to take just to wash your hair. Any plumber West Vancouver residents may hire to address the […]

North Vancouver Plumbing Professionals’ Take on Leaky Taps

The sound of the dripping tap puts you on edge. You turn the tap closed more tightly, yet water still drips incessantly, albeit more slowly this time. By itself, a single drop may not do much harm to your water bill or the world at large. But if the dripping is left unattended, that single […]