North Vancouver Plumbing Professionals’ Take on Leaky Taps

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The sound of the dripping tap puts you on edge. You turn the tap closed more tightly, yet water still drips incessantly, albeit more slowly this time. By itself, a single drop may not do much harm to your water bill or the world at large. But if the dripping is left unattended, that single drop can still amount to gallons of wasted water.

Strength in numbers

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that a single drop contains at least 0.25 milliliters. Using this value, the USGS says a single dripping faucet leaking a drop a minute can yield an estimated 1,440 drops or 28 gallons a day. Any plumber in North Vancouver would say that this is already a problem.

The longer you ignore that leaky faucet, the more water you end up wasting. Over the course of the month, you can waste up to 840 gallons of water; and when you let it leak for one full year, you can waste as much as 10,080 gallons. Keep in mind that these figures are just for a single drop a minute in one leaky faucet. What more with a faster dripping faucet, or two leaky ones?

Don’t forget the cost of having a leaky faucet. In the beginning of 2012, Vancouver issued seasonal water rates. You can see your water bill skyrocket if you have a leaky tap during the summer season, where water rates are 25% higher than the off-peak rate of October to May. If one unit of metered tap water (623 gallons) costs $2.803 in June to September, a faucet leaking a drop per minute will cost you roughly $4.00 extra a month.

Call in the professionals

Plumbing companies Vancouver homes call on for assistance don’t take the problem of leaky taps lightly. But while you wait for the plumber to arrive, do your part in saving precious water: Put buckets or basins under leaky taps to collect and store the dripping water that you would otherwise have wasted.

If there’s one thing you can learn from leaky taps, it is to never underestimate something as minute as a single drop of water. North Vancouver plumbing companies like Milani say it may be a harmless leak now, but wait until you receive your monthly bill. In which case, don’t be surprised to hear your leaky faucet having the last laugh.


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