Plumbing Services Vancouver: What to Do in Case of Low Flow

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You try running a shower and find the water doesn’t go beyond a mere trickle. So you turn a faucet on, and get more of the same thing. You sigh at the thought of how long it’s going to take just to wash your hair. Any plumber West Vancouver residents may hire to address the problem will tell you that this plumbing situation is known as “low flow”.

Causes for low flow in pipes can be leaks, debris, mineral deposit buildup, faulty pressure regulators, maladjusted water valves, or simply low water pressure delivered to your house. Identifying the cause of the problem is the first step to repairing it. Sometimes, you can solve a low-flow problem yourself, as in cases when you just need to open up your home’s gate valve a little more. In other cases, however, you do need to call in a professional plumber.

One common cause of low flow is debris accumulated in the plumbing West Vancouver houses have. If your home is fitted with the old iron pipes, they could become congested by flakes of rusted metal accumulating at joints and bends. If your home’s plumbing is plastic, this material can also deteriorate and disintegrate over time, thereby also causing congestion in the pipes due to all the loose debris within.

West Vancouver’s water is provided by Metro Vancouver. The utility is tasked with delivering clean water to its subscribing municipalities at ample pressure, round the clock. In some instances, Metro Vancouver needs to work on its system pipes to improve these services. During the course of such plumbing repair, pieces of earth or gravel might enter the pipes and plug up water fixtures in your home.

If water debris is what’s causing low flow, you will need to remove your faucets and clean them thoroughly. You can do this by shutting off the main water valve to your home, detaching the faucets and other fixtures, cleaning them of any accumulated debris, and reinstalling them. Although this sounds simple enough, this isn’t something you ought to do yourself if you don’t have sufficient background in plumbing.
You can always try to inspect the problem on your own, try out a solution, and see if it solves the problem. For problems that you cannot solve on your own, however, you will have to engage professional plumbing services Vancouver offers, such as Milani.


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