What Would a North Vancouver Plumber Do? Plumbing Tips for Winter

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As winter approaches, issues in your plumbing system could ensue, as the cold weather does its worst on water pipes. One problem that a North Vancouver plumber often faces is water freezing in the pipes; as the ice within the pipes expands, the pipes can rupture. Apart from cold water taking longer to heat and delaying your shower time, there are a multitude of other problems that you may have to bear with once winter sets in.

Fortunately, most of these problems are preventable if you follow simple maintenance tips long before the cold winds arrive. You can also potentially save money on expensive retrofitting of pipes or extensive repair of your plumbing systems if you keep your pipes in tiptop shape at all times.

It’s no big secret that things work better if they are regularly maintained; the same is true for your plumbing.For instance, cleaning your drains every week with something as simple as a soapy solution and brush goes a long way in keeping them clear of debris. At the end of each cleaning session, simply pour a cup of scalding hot water into the drain to wash out anything that’s starting to freeze and stick along the inner walls of the tubes.

In the end, these easy-to-do cleaning tasks help prevent more serious and potentially costly problems, especially during winter. If you’re not quite sure what you need to do, your Port Coquitlam plumber can help out. For instance, if you’ve got pipes that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of low temperature, he may be able to offer you a pocket-friendly quick-fix solution. Instead of having your pipes replaced, for example, you can buy special insulation foams or adhesive tapes—available at most fully-equipped hardware stores—to wrap them in.

Occasionally, check the pipes in the dimmer areas of the home which you seldom visit. Check for cracks and leaks that could worsen as water accumulates into icy droplets that may damage the entire pipe.

Be alert for any sign of decreased water flow from faucets and shower heads. This is a sign of debris clogging the pipes or water that has started to freeze along your plumbing system. If you ever notice a significant drop in the volume of water that flows from your tap, don’t hesitate to contact a professional such as Milani to make sure your declogging job gets done right.


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