Breathe Better with Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

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Every home or building constructed in modern times has a ventilation system snaking through all its floors and leading out somewhere into the open. When looking at typical ceilings, whether they have panels or not, one can see the large pipes and mostly rectangular air ducts going in several directions. These have vent grilles strategically located every several meters.

However, like everything else, air ducts are prone to wear and tear. Foreign substances such as dead insects, rodent droppings, mold, and dust can accumulate along the ducts. If left untended, they could spread germs and trigger respiratory ailments—even worse if the vent system’s air filters have long since worn out and haven’t yet been replaced. In our local climes, a common cold worsened by germs from bad ventilation systems can be a lethal cocktail. This exhibits the importance of seeking help from the experts who provide Vancouver air duct cleaning services.

Battening Down the Hatches

Air duct cleaning is simply sweeping all unwanted substances from the duct components of heating and cooling systems. Try swiping a baby wipe over a surface and, if the wipe turns dark from all the dirt, you’ll know for sure that the ducts must be serviced right away. Another pretty obvious sign that a good duct cleaning is in order is the presence of rats, insects, or mold on the grilles themselves.

A professional HVAC outfit such as Milani can tackle the job. After inserting mini cameras into the ducts to determine the amount of substance buildup, the crew would use high-efficiency particle air vacuum cleaners and soft bristle brushes to remove the materials. However, if the ducts are found to have asbestos-based materials, special equipment will be needed in dealing with them.

Boilers: Fire ‘Em Up!

If you’re gearing up for the winter, you might as well have the boiler in your Vancouver home looked at as well, since Milani’s got expertise in heating too. Boilers use steam or hot water to convey heat throughout the house via a series of pipes. The temperature can be controlled via a thermostat interface in the house.

Be ready to face the winter: Clean ducts and well-maintained boilers translate to clean air and adequate heating—two things you definitely need to keep your family in good health over the cold season.


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