Knowing When Your Surrey Heating Equipment Needs to be Replaced

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Sometimes spending money can actually lead to saving money, like in the case of your heating equipment. Your furnace is responsible for keeping your house comfortable during the unbearably cold winter months in Surrey. Investing in its regular maintenance or recommended repair ensures that it will work efficiently anytime you need it.

When repairs do not seem to work, replacing your Surrey heating equipment may be the best solution. It may also be the best solution for the three situations below.

It has served you for X number of years.

A heater that is properly installed and maintained can last up to 25 years. When your furnace starts having problems around the end of this period, it might be time to retire it. But before window-shopping for new units, check if the problems can be patched up through simple repairs like sealing the joints in the ductwork or replacing the pilot light with an electronic ignition. To arrive at an informed decision, have reliable plumbers in Richmond, like those from Milani, check your heating system.

Running your old furnace is expensive.

In some cases, replacing your old furnace can help lessen your electricity or gas consumption by an average of at least 20%. Still, changing your system can require a substantial cash outlay, so weigh your options first. Is gas or electricity cheaper in your area? Is changing your current system worth the money you will spend? To compute how long it will take to recover your investment, add up last winter’s bills and multiply the resulting amount by 20%. Then divide this figure with the total cost of buying and installing a new system.

Heating load

Heating load is the amount of heat that must be supplied by your furnace to maintain a comfortable house temperature. You can contact your utility company to perform an energy audit at your house and help you figure out ways to make your current furnace more energy efficient.

In finding a new furnace, go for ones that have an Energy Star. These products are energy efficient by as much as 97% and enable their users to save about a third of their electric bill.


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