The Value of Heated Water and the Virtues of a Vancouver Tankless Water Heater

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At the end of a long cold day, many people look forward to a prolonged soak in a warm, relaxing bath. There’s nothing that eases the muscles better (aside from a massage, perhaps) and, together with some hot cocoa or a drink of warm milk, assures you of a restful night.

Now, imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have either a conventional or tankless water heater in your Vancouver home. Would you be as happy taking cold showers, especially in the dead of winter? Probably not. One can’t dispute the value of hot water as a remedy for weary bones, muscles, and spirit.

Water Therapy: Hot Water Miracles

What is it about hot water anyway? How does it heal? As you soak yourself in hot water, you are enveloped by its warmth; and your body’s mechanisms kick in to maintain your normal temperature. Your heart pumps harder to disperse extra body heat, and your circulation increases.

As your core temperature rises and the warmed blood circulates deeper into your body, more blood vessels dilate, which will lead your muscles to relax. At the same time, the water’s heat depresses your central nervous system, contributing further towards temporary pain relief and relaxation of the muscles. Having a hot soak can undoubtedly be beneficial to the health, but the corresponding heating bills can cause blood pressures to soar.

Keep the Heat from Burning a Hole in your Pocket

There’s good reason to be worried: Studies have shown that water heating can account for as much as 25% of a home’s overall expenses. This fact makes finding realistic energy-conserving hot water solutions of primary importance. One such solution is to swap out traditional water heaters with a more efficient option: the tankless water heater. While a conventional water heater heats a reservoir of water around the clock, the tankless heater activates only when needed—quickly heating cold water to the required temperature on demand. This translates to huge savings on energy and on heating bills.

If your water isn’t heating up efficiently, or if your heating bills are the highest they’ve ever been, check your Vancouver or Langley heating system, or contact an HVAC professional like Milani to do it.

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