Common Winter Plumbing Problems: Pipes, Heaters, and Drainage in Surrey Homes

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Winters in Surrey are typically wet, with bouts of heavy snow that keep winter temperatures at around 5°C. Although conditions are milder than other parts of Canada that aren’t in a coastal temperate rainforest zone, problems with plumbing systems are still common during this season. Below are some examples of common winter plumbing problems, and ways to remedy them.

Basement Flooding

Flooding is a common problem among homeowners in Canada, especially during periods of heavy rainfall or excessive snow melt. This is a result of clogged weeping tiles, back-up of wastewater in the sewerage system, failure of a sump pump, or poor lot drainage in Surrey homes. Have qualified plumbers, like those at Milani Plumbing, Drainage, & Heating, inspect all flood-proofing devices and plumbing fixtures regularly to make sure that they continue to function and meet standards.

Sewerage problems

It is important for septic tanks to be pumped out on a regular basis to avoid clogging and backups that are damaging to a plumbing system. Adding bathrooms and upgrading fixtures can overload the home’s existing sewerage system. Overflows and burst pipes are messy and expensive to repair, and particularly difficult to accomplish during the winter months. It is advisable to schedule septic tank cleaning in the fall to avoid having to deal with snow cover and freezing temperatures.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters work especially hard in winter. Though these are used every day, most homeowners don’t think about getting them inspected by plumbers in Richmond.  Sediment build up is the most common cause of heater issues. It is important to have the tank inspected and flushed once a year to maximize the service life of a heater.

Frozen Exterior Heating and Plumbing Fixtures

When snow is allowed to build up around vents and outdoor pipes, such obstruction can cause exhaust gases to back up into the house. Untended water pipes can freeze up and possibly rupture and burst as the ice expands. Wrapping pipes and vents with adequate insulation is a good way to avoid having such problems arise in the winter.

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping a house comfortable throughout winter. Don’t wait for something to go wrong before having the plumbing system checked out. Visits from plumbers once or twice a year can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repair costs.


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