Common Problems with Oil Furnaces Requiring the Services of Professionals in Furnace Repair in Vancouver

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Vancouver is one of the Canadian cities that receive the least snowfall during wintertime. Situated along the West coast, the city is covered in fog and clouds during winter, resulting in lowered temperatures and prompting many residents to operate their heating systems. A popular choice of such systems due to its lower environmental impact is the oil furnace. As with any piece of household equipment, however, a furnace is constant risk of wear and tear as it ages. Let’s look at the common problems of aging oil furnaces:

Strong odors

Unlike gas furnaces, oil furnaces are expected to give off a very faint odor of burning fuel during normal operation. Even though oil furnaces are safer than gas furnaces, the strong odors do pose health risks such as nausea and dizziness. Once a homeowner detects a powerful smell, he must call on specialists in furnace repair in Vancouver quickly.

Extreme fuel consumption

If the oil furnace is using more fuel than it should, it can mean the system has an incorrectly-sized nozzle; or that the ductwork is leaking. Cracks or breaks in the doors and windows can also be reasons for the wasted fuel. Thus, a homeowner must invest in energy-efficient doors and windows to increase the fuel efficiency of his oil furnace.

Insufficient heat

If your oil furnace doesn’t seem to be producing enough heat, first check if the air filter is clogged, as dirt buildup obstructs air flow. An air filter can easily be replaced with a new one, but if this doesn’t do anything, the next component to check is the fan belt. If the fan belt is broken, it will have to be replaced by trusted furnace specialists like the ones from Milani Plumbing, Heating, and Drainage.

Burner won’t fire

Lack of fuel and clogs in the nozzles, filters, and oil lines are the common causes for the failure of burners to fire. Other possible causes can be a weak igniter or incorrectly set electrodes. When a homeowner encounters this, he must have the equipment inspected by professionals so the problem can be properly attended to immediately.

When a homeowner spots any of these problems, it’s best to leave the job for repair or replacement to the professionals. A homeowner can also have his water heating systems checked by specialists in plumbing in Richmond. A fully operational oil furnace complements properly working water heaters.

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