Vancouver Boiler Technicians Explain Common Central Heating Designs

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A central heating system has two distinctive designs. The more commonly used one is the forced-air system, which can be integrated easily with ventilation. Some buildings, however, utilize hydronic heating, which uses heated water instead of air to warm several rooms at once.

Both hydronics and forced-air are effective forms of central heating in Greater Vancouver, which is classified under Köppen as having Cfb climate, characterized by cool but dry air and cloudy skies. Vancouver is the third rainiest city in Canada, but it is not as snowy in the winter. It is nonetheless cold enough for homeowners to want their central heating systems to be in proper order during the season. Thus, it is normal for HVAC technicians to start getting busy working on a boiler in Vancouver right before winter sets in.

In a hydronic system, the boiler is the furnace that heats water used to warm the rest of a building. Water flows to it from the main water supply. From the boiler, the hot water circulates throughout the house through complex piping within the walls and goes into the radiators. Hot water continues to flow until the end of the heating system, where the water is transferred to the plumbing system.

In contrast, a forced-air design uses air from outside and channels it to the furnace, where a filter removes its contaminants and a heater warms it. A powerful blower then pushes the warm air into a network of air ducts that go into various parts of the house or building. As in any central heating system, a thermostat in major areas of the building controls how much heat enters an enclosed space.

In Metro Vancouver, Langley heating contractors advise users to regularly clean the furnace’s air filter and blowers. Accumulated dust can inhibit movement and proper performance of the components. If you are at a loss on how to do it, contact HVAC contractors in Greater Vancouver, such as Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating, to help you. Aside from cleaning the system, the company offers appliances like the UV air cleaner which reduces pollutants that compromise indoor air quality.

Both hydronic and forced-air central heating are effective in keeping your home or business establishment warm and cozy during cold days. Proper HVAC maintenance assures that these systems will work well when they are needed.

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