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Some Useful DIY Techniques to Handle Problems on Drainage in Surrey

When you are maintaining a house in Surrey, you need the assistance of a plumber or a handyman to take care of your water system problems like sewage and drainage. These things are advisable because you will be held responsible for problematic drainage in Surrey that affects the entire neighborhood if the trouble started in […]

How to Save Energy from Air Conditioning and Heating in Langley and Surrey

Heating and air conditioning equipment in most homes consume much energy, even in cities with energy consumption reduction programs in place like Langley or Surrey in British Columbia. Since these systems are basic necessities against extreme weather conditions, they naturally have to operate round-the-clock. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can save up on […]

Possible Causes of Insufficient Warmth in Vancouver Heating Systems

Vancouver heating systems for homes and businesses need to function properly to keep inhabitants comfortable and productive. Many establishments in the area use a central heating system. This involves a main furnace that accepts cold air from outside, heats it, and then fans it into the complex ductwork, transferring warm air into various rooms. However, […]

Vancouver Boiler Technicians Explain Common Central Heating Designs

A central heating system has two distinctive designs. The more commonly used one is the forced-air system, which can be integrated easily with ventilation. Some buildings, however, utilize hydronic heating, which uses heated water instead of air to warm several rooms at once. Both hydronics and forced-air are effective forms of central heating in Greater […]

Common Winter Plumbing Problems: Pipes, Heaters, and Drainage in Surrey Homes

Winters in Surrey are typically wet, with bouts of heavy snow that keep winter temperatures at around 5°C. Although conditions are milder than other parts of Canada that aren’t in a coastal temperate rainforest zone, problems with plumbing systems are still common during this season. Below are some examples of common winter plumbing problems, and […]

Taking Care of Toilet Business with Efficient Vancouver Plumbing Services

The john, the throne, the commode, the chocolate factory, and whatever else you might call it. It goes by different names, but the image of the toilet bowl is an unmistakable and ubiquitous sight. While everybody is quite acquainted with their own porcelain fixture, it’s a device not everybody would have the stomach to manipulate […]

Selecting and Maintaining High Quality Port Moody Furnace and Water Heater

Warmth becomes a priority when winter comes and homeowners in Vancouver pay a lot to remain toasty throughout the season. People rely on two types of devices when it comes to heating: the furnace and the water heater. If acquired from a reliable provider and maintained regularly by a professional plumber, these devices will keep […]

Plumbing Services in Vancouver: What to Do with Fat, Oil and Grease

When fat, oil and grease (FOG) are poured down the drain, they start to accumulate inside your pipes, and over time, they clog your home’s drainage system. They can even end up clogging Vancouver’s main sewer lines, thus adding to the maintenance cost of the local government. To prevent FOGs from clogging your drain, have […]

Knowing When Your Surrey Heating Equipment Needs to be Replaced

Sometimes spending money can actually lead to saving money, like in the case of your heating equipment. Your furnace is responsible for keeping your house comfortable during the unbearably cold winter months in Surrey. Investing in its regular maintenance or recommended repair ensures that it will work efficiently anytime you need it. When repairs do […]

Breathe Better with Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

Every home or building constructed in modern times has a ventilation system snaking through all its floors and leading out somewhere into the open. When looking at typical ceilings, whether they have panels or not, one can see the large pipes and mostly rectangular air ducts going in several directions. These have vent grilles strategically […]

Professional Plumbing Services Vancouver Homeowners Usually Require

Your home’s plumbing is a complex system of interconnecting pipes, valves, drains, and faucets. Hence, when troubles arise or you’re planning on a bathroom remodel, don’t even think of doing everything by yourself—unless you’re a plumber. The following are some plumbing services in Vancouver that require the competent hands of professionals. Toilet Installation and Repair […]

What Would a North Vancouver Plumber Do? Plumbing Tips for Winter

As winter approaches, issues in your plumbing system could ensue, as the cold weather does its worst on water pipes. One problem that a North Vancouver plumber often faces is water freezing in the pipes; as the ice within the pipes expands, the pipes can rupture. Apart from cold water taking longer to heat and […]

Repair and Maintenance of Vancouver HVAC Components

Many buildings like apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings in places like Vancouver use centralized air-conditioning to regulate indoor temperature. Central air-conditioning often uses forced-air systems, which use ductwork to transfer heat through the entire building to make the occupants comfortable. Vancouver HVAC systems vary in their complexity, but the professionals at Milani Plumbing, Drainage & […]

Essential Burnaby Plumbing Services to Survive Cold Winters

Heating is a necessity for households, especially those in cold areas like Burnaby, British Columbia. Even though winters in the city are wet rather than snowy, temperatures can go from above cool to freezing at times. Homeowners should expect to keep turning up their heating systems to keep themselves away from the dangers of cold. […]

Plumbing Services Vancouver: What to Do in Case of Low Flow

You try running a shower and find the water doesn’t go beyond a mere trickle. So you turn a faucet on, and get more of the same thing. You sigh at the thought of how long it’s going to take just to wash your hair. Any plumber West Vancouver residents may hire to address the […]

North Vancouver Plumbing Professionals’ Take on Leaky Taps

The sound of the dripping tap puts you on edge. You turn the tap closed more tightly, yet water still drips incessantly, albeit more slowly this time. By itself, a single drop may not do much harm to your water bill or the world at large. But if the dripping is left unattended, that single […]

On Choosing the Right Sewer Jetting Machine

A sewer jetting machine uses water blasted at high pressure (2,000 to 3,000 psi) to clear a clogged pipe of debris that is difficult to remove by conventional means. Just imagine having a power equivalent to dozens of garden and fire hoses keeping your pipes clean. This is usually employed in accessing hard-to-reach areas of […]

Some Tips on Maintaining New Westminster Plumbing

In the midst of all the holiday merrymaking, the last thing on the mind of the homeowners is what goes down their pipes. Occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas may seem like perfect opportunities to prepare a tasty array of food. After these culinary feasts, though, is the time to face the sordid fact that the […]

Innovative Washrooms Surrey Plumbers Can Help You Get

The world has never lacked in things that aim to make our lives more comfortable or, at least, in people looking for ways to do so. A good example of this is the advances in washroom technology. Yes, you heard that right, there are people totally preoccupied with making the time you spend in the […]

Cool High Tech Gadgets Used by Plumbers in Surrey

The term “tech-savvy” is the latest addition to the pool of traits of a skilled plumber in Surrey. A plumber may need the help of state-of-the-art tools to aid him in fixing problems–from pipe leaks to more serious or pressing concerns. Often, old school methods just won’t cut it.